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    Which Vanderpump Cast Member Are You Based On Your Zodiac

    Vanderpump Rules is one of the most entertaining reality TV shows that you can tune into. The drama is endless and you can almost count on being hooked after one episode. Taking place in Hollywood, California, the show follows the staff of SUR restaurant. Lisa Vanderpump - a well known TV personality who made her debut on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills is the fiery boss/restaurant owner. If you are a fan of the show, you probably already have your favorite characters and you least favorite ones, so wouldn't you want to know which one you are most likely to match up with based on your zodiac sign and their personality! Lucky for you we have the answer! The cast is somewhat of a beautiful disaster, and each one of them has a distinct personality, so which character do you believe would fit your zodiac most? Read on to find out!

    12 Aquarius: Ariana Madix

    As an Aquarius, you are fair and you try to see everyones' perspective, like how Ariana behaves in the show. When everyone was singling La La out, she made it a point to not take sides. Ariana beats to her own drum and she won't be controlled by anyone, including her boyfriend Tom! She refuses to give into the societal pressures of marriage and the pressure from Tom himself. Like an Aquarius, Ariana is also extremely intellectual and loves to engage in important, meaning conversations. She is also extremely unemotional, another tell-tale sign of an Aquarius. When Stassi cried to her, Ariana kept a stone-cold face. When Tom proposed, she laughed. She is also very hard to become close to and keeps a large wall up, and the Aquarius is very guarded in general. Regardless of this and her overall aloof nature, Ariana and the Aquarius alike are a cool and collected sign and they are lovely to be around!

    11 Pisces: Tom Sandoval

    Pisces are extremely emotional and born creatives. Sandoval is known for his random crying spells. It seems that when Tom feels, he feels hard - just like this water sign. He would also most likely identify as an artist. He partakes in activities such as acting or making music videos. Pisces are also born romantics and gentle with their partners. Tom clearly acts this way towards Ariana. He is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and be completely open - even if she doesn't return the favor! Pisces love to play the victim and Tom does so a lot in the show. He blamed the entire failures of his relationship with Kristen on her - when he was no angel himself. On the other hand, Pisces are great friends and would do almost anything for their closest companions. Tom seemed to go above and beyond for Schwartz this season!

    10 Aries: Kristen Doute

    Oh Doute. Kristen is arguably the most aggressive and confrontational cast member of Vanderpump Rules, and Aries are no different. They are fiery and extremely aggressive. She has had an altercation with almost every other cast member. She has also been involved in two very tumultuous relationships - first with Tom Sandoval, then with James Kennedy. This kind of attraction to drama is a distinct characteristic of an Aries. Aries are also very impulsive and impatient, two qualities that Kristen continues to display. As the ram, you are also fearless and bold. Say what you will about Kristen, but there is no denying that she is a coward or soft spoken! You do not want to mess with Kristen. She will go on a revenge path and she does not care who she runs over in the process, much like the Aries. As they say - if you play with fire, you will get burned.

    9 Taurus: James Kennedy

    The sign of the bull is too fitting for Mr. Kennedy. The Taurus is known to be an extremely stubborn sign, and James is no different defying Lisa any way he can. He refused to change and quit his partying ways for a very long time, until she finally had enough and he had a serious life lesson to face. The temperament of a Taurus is also not the best, and we all know Mr. Kennedy to have an extremely horrific temper. It is no wonder that him and Kristen did not work out - they are both undeniably aggressive! However, the Taurus is tenacious and strong - and James proved to have those qualities when he overcame (or so he claims) his drinking habits and he is now trying to get his life on the straight and arrow. He also got right back up when Lisa fired him with a new job venture.

    8 Gemini: Jax Taylor

    Geminis are the quickest witted of all the signs, and will adapt to any situation for it to sway in their favor. Known as silver tongued and all too clever, like the Gemini; Jax is known to change up his story depending on who he is communicating with. They are also extremely flakey and unreliable. Jax is the opposite of dependable between his stints in jail to his huge mouth. Being the twins, you almost never know which side of the Gemini you are going to get - they are extremely unpredictable, as is Jax. Geminis are also extremely charming and can get away with almost anything they put their mind to. Jax has managed to get away with absolute murder barely unscathed all throughout the series, and his life it seems. They also tend to be commitment phobes - until they find the right one to settle down with (see: Jax and Brittany).

    7 Cancer: Scheana Marie

    Cancers are extremely sympathetic and emotional. Scheana tried to be understanding of Shays' behavior because of his addiction and genuinely tries to see the best in everyone. Ultimately, the negative emotions that came with the relationship were too much for her to bare and she decided to terminate the marriage. They also value family relationships more than any other sign. Scheana has been quoted saying that she just "wants to keep her family together" when she and Shay were having serious martial issues. This water sign is also very weary of people who do not connect with their immediate inner circle. Being the crab hiding under a hardened shell, they are super careful with who they let into their lives. Scheana displayed this kind of behavior when her closest friends did not get along with La La - she then did everything in her power to avoid her. They are extremely loyal and amazing people, as is Scheana.

    6 Virgo: Peter Madrigal

    Peter seems to be the only sane cast member on the show, and Virgos are known to be rather level-headed. He has never been involved in one conflict, and he does a great job at avoiding the drama at all costs. He is practical and a born diplomat - two qualities of the Virgo. They are also excellent problem solvers and great advisors. Peter makes a great manager in the show which makes complete sense! He has been the SUR manager for years and Lisa seems to trust him completely. Virgos have a ton of patience, and Peter must have this to put up with this crazy staff for this long. This earth sign is often introverted and shy, and Peter doesn't seem to partake in the group activities too often. They tend to be all work and no play, and Peter seems to possess this line of thinking much of the time.

    5 Leo: Stassi Schroeder

    You either absolutely adore Stassi Schroeder or you despise her - but there is no in between. The same goes when talking about a Leo. They are commanding, and an absolute force to be reckoned with. There is either a feeling of respect or contempt that people feel for a Leo. What other Vanderpump character is more fitting for this zodiac than Stassi? Leos also love to be the center of attention when they walk in a room, need to dominate every aspect of their life, and they are known to have a flare for the dramatics. Sound familiar? That is Stassi in a nutshell. As a lion, you are the top of the food chain and the leader of the pack - much like the blonde bombshell. Stassi ALWAYS needs to be the top dog (or lioness, in this case). Without being the most dominant, Stassi cannot function in this friend group. All hail Queen Stassi!

    4 Libra: Brittany Cartwright

    As the scale being the symbol for the zodiac Libra, they are fair and balanced. Much like Ariana and the drama free Aquarius, the Libra does almost everything in their power to avoid conflict. Brittany has yet to have a serious blow out fight with anyone (other than Jax, but can you blame her?) To this point, Libras easily befriend everyone and as an air sign can adapt to new environments rather quickly. Brittany left everyone and everything that she knew behind in Kentucky and completely started over in Hollywood, and has adjusted very well! This air sign can live pretty much anywhere they please with very little issues to adopting a new way of a life. A libra seems to be the perfect fit for Jax, as he needs some balance and stability in his life! Plus, Libra and Gemini make a perfect match, and as I mentioned earlier, Jax has some serious Gemini tendencies!

    3 Scorpio: Katie Maloney

    This poisonous sign will sting you if you cross their path. Scorpios are described as “deadly” by many. Katie seemed to want to destroy anyone who got in her way this season. It did not help that she was in the middle of planning her wedding either! On a positive note, Scorpios are passionate and brave. Katie seems to care about her relationship with Tom very much, and she displayed bravery when standing up to Stassi last season. Scorpios value honesty and the facts. Katie was relentless when it came to Tom hiding secrets from her, and didn't stop asking questions until she got to the truth. Scorpios also tend to be distrusting and extremely jealous. She was so clearly jealous of La La attacking her for absolutely no reason in the beginning of the season. She also seems extremely insecure in her relationship with Tom and doesn't seem that she trusts him as far as she can throw him.

    2 Sagittarius: Ken Todd

    The Sagittarius possess a lot of great characteristics: they love to travel and experience new things, and are open to all kinds of people. Ken seems to be a gentleman to everyone, including his wife Lisa who he adores. He has also been all over the world and is an extremely hard worker, more telling signs of a Sag! You also need to be very active, and Ken cannot seem to sit still, even at his age. He doesn't look like he has any intention of slowing down. This zodiac also loves to live large and have a taste for the finer things in life. Hello, have you seen Villa Rosa?! Ken also spoils Lisa rotten with the most lavish gifts. As a Sagittarius, you are also extremely positive and uplifting. Whenever Lisa has a conflict, Ken is right there by her side comforting her and helps her to see the light.

    1 Capricorn: Lisa Vanderpump

    Saving the best for last, we have Ms. Vanderpump herself. Lisa is the boss of all bosses. What would a Capricorn be other than her?! Capricorns are by far the most hardworking of all of the zodiacs. There is no question that Lisa works tirelessly! Like Lisa, Capricorns are fierce natural born leaders and they tend to have great success and an endless list of accomplishments under their belt. You also tend to be a little bit of a control freak. Lisa makes sure that every little detail down to the flowers of all of her restaurants are hand-picked by and only by her! This zodiac is extremely serious and has very little patience for nonsense. Lisa tolerates nothing that will affect her restaurants and business endeavors. They also tend to hide their emotion behind a hard exterior, and Lisa barely shows weakness. She is also a perfectionist to the highest degree, just like you Capricorn. This British bada$$ is for sure your spirit animal!