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    Who Your Sitcom Boyfriend Should Be Based On Your Zodiac Sign

    Aren't sitcom boyfriends the best? I mean, having a boyfriend in real life is great and all. There's the cuddling and the fact that he can text you… and the fact that he's real. But sometimes sitcom boyfriends are just so much better. Yes, sitcom boyfriends - who aren't real people - are sometimes better than real boyfriends. Why, you ask? Let's see: A sitcom boyfriend won't cheat on you. He won't disagree with you. He'd never ghost you. If you're confused as to what we mean by sitcom boyfriend, we mean those guys from sitcoms that we all secretly date inside our heads. Like, Chandler Bing. Who didn't pretend they were Monica Geller just a little bit? And don't get us started on Jim Halpert, who was just a delightfully perfect man. Pam was obviously the luckiest girl in the world. In fact, if you went and got a job as a receptionist at a paper company after watching too many episodes of The Office, we wouldn't blame you. It's hard not to want your very own Jim Halpert.

    While sitcom boyfriends are all awesome, they aren't all created equally. Some sitcom boyfriends are better for you based on your zodiac sign. Yes, that's right. We've figured out who should be your sitcom boyfriend based on your zodiac sign. Below you'll find your dream sitcom boyfriend based on your zodiac sign. And, our apologies in advance, because we couldn't give everyone Jim Halpert.

    5 Aries: Jake Peralta (Brooklyn 99)

    Aries, you are determined, confident and ambitious. You're basically a go-getter to the extreme. There is never a day that goes by without you trying to achieve a goal of some sort. But, your determined attitude can also make you aggressive, impulsive and short-tempered. It's because you want what you want when you want it, am I right? For this reason, your perfect sitcom boyfriend is Brooklyn 99's Jake Peralta.

    While you would be annoyed with Jake Peralta's childish behavior from time to time, he would also keep your grounded and remind you that not every moment in life is about winning. The fact that he has the best arrest rate in the precinct, despite his fun-loving behavior, would make you proud to call him your boyfriend. Plus, you couldn't date him if he didn't have the best arrest rate, right? Just admit it, you sometimes need someone who is willing to make you laugh and put your work down, and Jake Peralta is that guy.

    Bonus Boyfriend: The O.C.'s Seth Cohen would be another perfect TV boyfriend for you.

    4 Taurus: Aidan Shaw (Sex and the City)

    Taurus, you are practical, patient, stable, and devoted to your loved ones. In that regard, you're a perfect girlfriend. However, you can also be possessive and jealous in your relationships. Because you have a devoted and possessive nature, you're one of the least likely sign to cheat on a boyfriend and break his heart. You're pretty much the opposite of Carrie Bradshaw and, for this reason, Aidan Shaw is your perfect sitcom boyfriend.

    Aidan was loving, devoted and the perfect boyfriend. But Carrie was, unfortunately, meant to be with Mr. Big and so she broke Aidan's heart. You, on the other hand, would never cheat on Aidan. You would love Aidan for finishing your floors, for offering to buy your apartment, and for his all-round Aidan-ness. You long for the stability Aidan offered Carrie and you wouldn't throw that away, like she did. Also, you kind of understand Aidan's inability to not trust Carrie after she cheated on him with Mr. Big, because that is exactly how you would react to being cheated on. And Aidan's possessiveness wouldn't bother you, because you can be a bit possessive, too.

    3 Gemini: Mr. Big (Sex and the City)

    Gemini, you're very different from Taurus and that's why your main man would be someone very different. Gemini, you have an affectionate, curious spirit. You love discovering new things, whether it be new restaurants, new people, or new places. You're very much like the ever-evolving Carrie Bradshaw in this way. You just want to keep moving and keep experiencing life until the day you die. Because you hate repetition and falling into a rut, Mr. Big is your man. Also, because he's so mysterious, you can't help but be curious.

    Mr. Big keeps life exciting and embraces new things. Life with him would be filled of fun events, eating in new restaurants, going to club opening and living a wonderfully big life. This is what you long for - adventure. A guy like Mr. Big would never let things become stale and that's why he's your perfect guy.

    Cancer: Andy Dwyer (Parks and Recreation)

    Cancer, you are very emotional and very imaginative. You always have a very full life going on inside your head. This is awesome, but all this stuff going on in your head can also make you very insecure, manipulative, pessimistic and moody. You're just very inside your head and you can spiral to some very negative thoughts very quickly. Because of this, the adorable Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation would be an ideal boyfriend for you.

    Yes, Andy was thought as immature and lazy at some points in the show, but that doesn't necessarily bother you. You're more concerned with how your boyfriend personally treats you rather than if he's going to become a billionaire. Andy Dwyer's sweetness and ability to go with the flow are perfect qualities for someone you're dating. Plus, Andy ended up marrying April (Aubrey Plaza), so he would totally be down for your moodiness.

    Bonus Boyfriend: Friends' Mike Hannigan could totally be your boyfriend, too. If he can deal with Phoebe's emotions, he can probably deal with your emotions.

    Leo: Chandler Bing (Friends)

    Leo, could Chandler Bing BE any more perfect for you? Leo, you are creative, passionate, generous and cheerful. But you can also be stubborn and self-centered. You can't help it. You want things to be the way you want them. Friends' Chandler Bing is perfect for you, mostly because of how flexible he is. When Chandler loves someone, be it Monica, Joey, or Janice, he is always willing to flex to whatever their wishes are. You, like Monica, enjoy getting your way and Chandler Bing would, most of the time, let you get your way.

    That being said, Chandler is also not a welcome mat and you like that, too. The only thing you like more than getting your way, is when someone puts their foot down for whatever they believe in. That's totally hot. Chandler's self-deprecating humor also makes you feel like a queen in the relationship, so bonus points to him for that.

    Virgo: Brad Williams (Happy Endings)

    Virgo, you are practical, hardworking, and loyal. But you can also be all work and no play sometimes. It is this all work and no play attitude that makes you need some Brad Williams in your life.

    Happy Endings' Brad Williams would be your perfect sitcom boyfriend. He is also hardworking and practical, so you would be able to work together to achieve your financial or life goals. While Brad and his TV wife Jane enjoy the finer things, like fancy face lotions or trips to islands, they also work hard for their lifestyle. The fact that Brad and Jane were married through the entire series without so much as a bump in their marriage is another reason why he is your perfect sitcom boyfriend. You like stability and partnership, and you long for a stable, healthy marriage. You'd get that special stability with Brad.

    2 Libra: Michael Bluth (Arrested Development)

    Libra, you are a kind and fair soul. You are cooperative, gracious, and very social. You don't like conflict or confrontations. If it was up to you, everyone would always get along and no one would fight, ever. Because of this, you'd love Arrest Development's Michael Bluth, who tends to resolve all his family's problems.

    As the most levelheaded member of the Bluth family, Michael Bluth and you could get along due to both of your cooperative personalities. Also, you'd probably be one of the only people in the world who would be able to put up with the insane members of his family. Of course, their constant family issues may be hard for you to deal with since being around aggression can put you in a funk. But the fact that they always resolve their issues is a plus for you. Being that Michael Bluth lost his first wife to ovarian cancer, you'd be a perfect person to help him date again since you're so kind and patient.

    Scorpio: Jimmy Shive-Overly (You're The Worst)

    Scorpio, you are one of the most passionate signs. You are born with great passion and determination in your veins. You are brave, assertive and usually get what you want. But you can also be secretive and distrusting of others. Because of your passion and your secrets, Jimmy on You're The Worst is your perfect sitcom boyfriend.

    Jimmy would be able to keep up with your romantic and passionate side, since he is also full of great passion. The fact that he's a writer, who romanticizes almost everything, would be a major turn on for you. You're also drawn to those who are doing what they want with their life, and that is Jimmy. Because Jimmy has a darker past, he'd be able to deal with your secretive nature to a certain extent. Jimmy is a guy who would bring out your best and put up with you at your worst.

    1 Sagittarius: Adam Sackler (Girls)

    Sagittarius, you are an idealistic sign. You see the world through rose-colored glasses and imagine everything the way it should be. Because of that, you sometimes promise more than you can deliver. It's not your fault, you just imagine everything in the most positive of ways and you often bite off more than you can chew. Because of this, Adam from Girls would be your ultimate sitcom boyfriend.

    Adam has the same positive view of life and also bites off more than he can chew. Adam shares your love a freedom, travel, and philosophy. You hate feeling like you're in a clingy situation and it would never feel that way with Adam, who is a very free spirit. It would be an open relationship, during which you'd learn more about yourself as a person. Learning more about yourself is what you are always looking for in relationships. You value any relationship that helps you understand yourself more and that would be your relationship with Adam.

    Capricorn: Jim Halpert (The Office)

    Capricorn, almost every other sign is probably jealous of you right now because Jim Halpert from The Office is your sitcom boyfriend. Really, Jim Halpert should be everyone's sitcom boyfriend because he's just such a perfect man.

    Capricorn, you're responsible, disciplined, and all about tradition. Because of this, Jim is your perfect match. You'd be 100% okay with settling down and working for a paper company, especially if that meant you'd have a healthy and happy family for which you could provide. This - settling down and providing for a family - is the ultimate goal of Capricorns like yourself. You can sometimes be condescending and a know-it-all, but Jim can put up with that. Jim would probably enjoy that snarky side of you, like he did Pam.

    Capricorn, if you're ever feeling low, just remember that Jim Halpert is your sitcom boyfriend and that you are the luckiest girl in the world. Jim Halpert is everything.

    Aquarius: Ross Geller (Friends)

    Aquarius, you are progressive, independent and an intellectual. You love intellectual discussions and people who are deep thinkers. In fact, you're so into intellectual conversation that you'd be down with Ross Geller's dinosaur talk. That's right, Friends' Ross Geller is your perfect sitcom boyfriend.

    Aquarius, you have a mind that is constantly on the go. You are often thinking about things in deep, interesting ways. You enjoy thinking outside of the box. In this regard you and Ross would connect deeply on an intellectual level. However, you hate broken promises. So if Ross ever pulled a “we were on a break” stunt with you, you'd probably react just like Rachel (because of your independent nature, you'd probably be annoyed with his neediness, too), which would result in seasons and seasons of drama. Regardless of the 'break' issue, Ross would be down for your issues, emotional expression and your uncompromising behavior.

    Pisces: Ben (The Mindy Project)

    Pisces, you're artistic, intuitive and wise. You have a gentle soul, which is why you connect deeply to your emotions and the emotions of others. You're a romantic through and through. For these reasons, The Mindy Project's Ben is your perfect sitcom boyfriend.

    Ben's down with Mindy's very emotional side. Mindy sometimes lives in a very vivid world inside her head - just like you - and Ben can get down with that. In fact, Ben embraces escaping reality. He's obsessed with comic books, after all. In a way, The Office's Michael Scott could also be your dream man. He literally lives in his own fantasy world and you totally get that. Plus, Michael Scott is a man of many emotions and you'd be able to pick up on them.

    And, those are your sitcom boyfriends based on your zodiac sign. If you're every having a rough day at work, just remember that Jim Halpert, Chandler Bing or Michael Bluth may not be real, but you can watch reruns and pretend they're your boyfriend.