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    Your Celeb Spirit Animal Based On Your Zodiac Sign

    You know that your zodiac sign can tell you anything that you want to know, from the silly to the serious, and it's pretty fun to find out. You already know who you are, of course, and you know what you love and what you hate and what your personalty traits are. But sometimes, it's cool to learn what your star sign says about the way that you think and behave. It definitely puts some things into perspective and makes life feel a little bit easier. Have you ever wondered which celebrity would be your spirit animal based on your zodiac sign? The following list will tell you everything that you wanted to know about this topic. Your celeb spirt animal doesn't necessarily share the same sign, but they do share the same personality traits that this sign typically exhibits. Are you ready to find out and learn some more about yourself?

    12 Aquarius: Amber Tamblyn

    Amber Tamblyn is a super sweet, smart, and talented actress and poet who seems both quiet and exuberant at the exact same time. She is very thoughtful and careful about the way that she lives her life and the things that she does. She loves the people around her -- just look at the sweet way that she keeps in touch with her Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants costars -- and she is also very passionate about the things that she believes in. Just one glance at her Instagram account and you can see that whether she is talking about politics or an important topic such as assault, she is right there, speaking her mind and trying to be a source of good. These are all things that the Aquarius is said to think about and do. If this is your zodiac sign, then you are definitely Amber Tamblyn. And she is absolutely an inspiration, so that's a pretty cool thing.

    11 Pisces: Michelle Branch

    A Pisces is said to be a very creative person who loves being friendly, helping others, and music most of all. Sounds a lot like singer Michelle Branch, who definitely loves her creative life, her songwriting sessions with fellow musicians, and living in Nashville. Her birthday is July 2nd so she isn't actually a Pisces but she definitely sounds like one, don't you agree? If this is your sign, then this is your celebrity spirit animal. The Pisces is also supposed to be both emotional and good at letting those feelings out, and if there's anything that can be said about Michelle's beautiful pop music, it's that she feels a lot and writes amazing lyrics. You've probably been a big fan of hers since you were a pre-teen and it's pretty awesome that her new album has finally been released. Now you can listen to both her older songs for nostalgic reasons and her newer tunes.

    10 Aries: Gwyneth Paltrow

    The Aries sign is all about being a leader, and if there is one celebrity who is absolutely a leader, at least when it comes to starting new trends in the health and wellness world, you definitely have to give that to Gwyneth Paltrow. Whether it's smoothies or something else, you have to admit that she seems to know what's cool and healthy before you do. The Aries is considered to be an "active" sign since they love being busy and doing things. They would rather do instead of think about it, so they're definitely not going to sit there and hem and haw and wonder if something is the right thing. They will just go for it and take the leap. That's absolutely Gwyneth Paltrow. And if you're an Aries, then you probably do that too, and therefore she is totally your celebrity if this is your sign. Hey, maybe you're the first in your friend group to tell them what's cool, from avocado toast to almond milk.

    9 Taurus: Yolanda Hadid

    If you're a Taurus, then you are most likely a steady kind of person. You can be stubborn, sure, but for the most part it's a good thing. You're a bit of a hopeless romantic, you love music, cooking is one of your biggest hobbies, and you want to be someone that other people can trust. You are a big fan of hanging out with the people that you care about as often as you can. You are considered to be a "grounded" sign so you have this whole hippie vibe going on. Who sounds like that as well? Definitely Yolanda Foster. Whenever you saw her back when she appeared on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, you definitely thought that she was a very grounded person. She's very sweet, calm, and chill, and she sounds like a really fun person to know. She's also the mom of Bella and Gigi Hadid, of course, which is also really cool.

    8 Gemini: The Olsen Twins

    Since the Gemini sign is supposed to be the twins, it makes sense that your celebrity spirit animal would be the Olsen twins if this is your sign. Of course, that's great news if you are a fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley, and honestly, if you grew up in the 90s, why wouldn't you be?! You definitely grew up watching their movies and specials and you've followed their career to where they are now, designing and being amazing. The thing about being a Gemini is you are said to have two different sides to you. You can be really fun and friendly and into hanging out with a lot of people… and then you can need to chill out for a bit and think about things. You're supposed to be a creative person if you're a Gemini and Mary-Kate and Ashley are definitely super artistic. After all, they are amazing fashion icons and have their own lines.

    7 Cancer: Alanis Morissette

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    The Cancer sign is said to be very sensitive and emotional. If this is you, then you are also very creative. You love anything having to do with art and you live by your gut, which means that you listen to what your intuition tells you on a regular basis. That is awesome since more people should definitely do that. Which celebrity sounds like this? Definitely Alanis Morissette. If you know her music, then you know that she writes about very honest and emotional topics, and that she really seems to be coming from a deep place. She gets vulnerable with her lyrics. She also seems like a very spiritual person, which you can tell when you check out her Instagram. The Cancer is also believed to be all about peace and being sympathetic to what other people are going through, and Alanis definitely seems to do that as well.

    6 Leo: Meryl Streep

    Who is the king (or queen) of celebrities? You totally believe that it is none other than Meryl Streep. After all, she has been called the greatest actress ever, and you agree with that. She is absolutely amazing. What's cool about the Leo is that they are said to love theatre, which Meryl does for sure. Leos are said to love drama and being artistic and they love to have fun and laugh. If you are a Leo, then you are probably a great leader either of your friend group, at work or in your family or community, and this is something that people love about you. You might not even realize that you are a leader and that this is such a big part of you. If you're a Leo, then your celebrity spirit animal is absolutely Meryl Streep. Which is amazing news since you are obviously a fan. After all, it's not possible not to love her.

    5 Virgo: Alexis Bledel

    Okay, so the personalty traits of a Virgo sound like Rory Gilmore, which means that you're going to associate them with the celebrity Alexis Bledel. But that's okay. You don't think that Alexis would mind. You can't help it. Gilmore Girls is one of your most favorite shows ever and you grew up watching and loving it. Being a Virgo means that you can be shy and quiet. You love to learn, you are a total bookworm, you eat healthy foods, and you are also a bit of a neat freak. Okay, okay, you are absolutely a neat freak. But that's just fine with you. Because you're one of those people who actually really likes cleaning. You have no idea if this is what Alexis is really like in real life but you're going to tell yourself that she shares a lot of characteristics with Rory because that's just what you honestly want to believe.

    4 Libra: Natalie Portman

    When you think of the personalty traits that a Libra is supposed to have -- being a peaceful person, being a fan of nature, hating being the same as everyone else, and wanting things to always be as fair as possible -- which celebrity do you think of? If you thought of Natalie Portman then that's exactly right. Don't you think she sounds just like that? You don't hear a ton about the actress all the time, which is honestly really great. She cares about her craft, sure, but she's not one of those celebrities who needs to be the center of attention at all times. She wants to focus on her life and her family and she stays private which is cool. She's definitely classy and super intelligent and she is known for believing in herself and having a voice and never compromising. She's definitely not one to post selfies every day, which is another reason that you are a fan.

    3 Scorpio: Kim Kardashian

    If there is one thing that a Scorpio is known for, that would be being emotional. You have to admit that Kim K can get pretty emotional on a regular basis. After all, she is known for her crying face, and that photo and gif and meme have gone viral. You love this about her, though, because it makes her more normal and relatable. Being a Scorpio means that you are all about feelings because you are a water sign. You are also a very passionate person who values your friends and family. You are also known to be super courageous. Those things definitely describe Kim as well since let's face it, she is definitely committed to her family, both the one that she has created and the one that she grew up in. She loves the people around her and she is definitely passionate about the things and people and project that mean a lot to her.

    2 Sagittarius: Shay Mitchell

    The Pretty Little Liars star definitely loves to travel, and the Sagittarius sign is all about indulging in their wanderlust on a regular basis. If you love to travel as well, then you are definitely Shay Mitchell. Which is great news since she is super cool. Seriously, just take a quick glance at her Instagram account and you will see how fabulous she looks in the equally fabulous places that she visits. This sign is also an idealist, funny, and sweet person, which describes Shay as well. She really seems like a good, positive person and her co-stars have adored working with her. She definitely embodies the personality traits of this zodiac sign, from always wanting to learn something new and having a serious curiosity about the world around her. Now you definitely want to follow her on Instagram if you're not already, right?

    1 Capricorn: Kris Jenner

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    What are some of the personality traits of being a Capricorn? This sign is said to love both family and tradition. They are really good at leading and managing other people, and they are very organized people. They are never too pie-in-the-sky because they love to be in charge and to plan something. This definitely sounds like a certain celebrity… and that celebrity is Kris Jenner. Don't you agree?! Kris is the manager of the Kardashian clan and she is often called a momager, which is a common nickname, of course. She definitely seems to love following tradition and being a family person since she is the matriarch of this famous family. If you are a Capricorn, then your celebrity spirit animal is definitely Kris Jenner, and you embody the same traits. You are all about responsibility and being in control… but in the best way possible. Of course you're not as equally famous, but hey, a girl can dream, right?!