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    Which Disney Prince Is Made For You Based On Your Zodiac?

    Sure, everyone has a favourite Disney Prince, but which one would really suit you best, according to your zodiac? While you may be a die-hard Aladdin fan, perhaps you're actually better suited to an introspective and emotionally intelligent type like Prince Eric. Or maybe you swoon over Prince Phillip's heroic deeds but in actuality you're better suited to a reformed cranky man like Kristoff! Love and compatibility are major parts of the zodiac, and important to consider when it comes to seeing who you're attracted to, why, and what you value in a relationship. Maybe you have a bad habit of dating whatever your “type” is (because it hasn't worked out for you so far), and should instead look to the stars for guidance.

    In this case, however, we're just doing this for fun, to see if your faves match up with your sign, or if they belong to another sign of the zodiac entirely! You could have hitched your heart to another, only to discover your best match is the complete opposite, for reasons you hadn't considered before! The Disney Princesses have already made their claims on these men, but which one belongs with YOU?

    12 Aries: Prince Ferdinand, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    We don't get to see much of Prince Ferdinand (sometimes referred to as Prince Florian, or simply The Prince) in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but we know enough about him to see that he would be an ideal match for a fiery Aries.

    Aries girls like you are passionate and energetic, and you usually find yourself the aggressor in a relationship - sometimes at the expense of your partner's actual desires. You're confident and extremely loyal when it comes to love, which means that you appreciate the grand gestures and attempts to sweep you off your feet that Prince Ferdinand displays. Rescuing Snow White and awakening her with true love's kiss is the kind of act that Aries women melt over, because you need to know that there's true love beneath the burning fires of passion. Plus, the fact that he was willing to put his life on the line to save the princess quenches the Aries girl's thirst for high-octane adventure.

    11 Taurus: Li Shang, Mulan

    Taurus women are notorious for being stubborn as hell, which means that Li Shang from Mulan is an excellent match for you. You value devotion, responsibility, and loyalty, and Li Shang will give that to you in a relationship and more. You're not the type to jump into bed with just anyone, so you'll admire the patience and time Li Shang takes to forge a relationship between the two of you.

    However, while you're a romantic sign ruled by Venus, Li Shang is a little more reserved when it comes to his emotions. You may have to draw him out a little and show him the value of romance, but your patience is one of your strengths, and so you're more than well-equipped to take on the challenge. Plus, the fact that Li Shang is easy on the eyes doesn't hurt, since you find yourself drawn to beauty, and can imagine your lives together once the war is over and you can settle into a life of cozy domesticity.

    10 Gemini: Flynn Ryder, Tangled

    It's your curiosity and adaptability that makes Tangled's Flynn Ryder a no-brainer Disney Prince choice for a Gemini gal like you! While we don't know Rapunzel's specific zodiac sign, Gemini would be a good guess, because their love of social situations, flighty nature, affectionate personality, and interest in the arts all make her the pinnacle of a Gemini princess!

    But this is about you, and how perfect Flynn (aka Eugene Fitzherbert) is as your love match. Flynn Rider can keep up with your changing moods and interests, because his life is one that has always been lived on the fly. You two can go off on adventures together and pretend to be other people to get an added kick out of it. Your friendship will be the solid foundation of your deep relationship, and he'll feel like your partner in crime for everything. Anything but boring, Flynn Rider is definitely the prince to steal any Gemini's heart.

    9 Cancer: Prince Phillip, Sleeping Beauty

    As a Cancer, you're a sign who is innately distrustful of strangers, but there's something about Sleeping Beauty's Prince Phillip fighting off dragons to and rescue you that just makes you weak in the knees. As one of the more intuitive and sentimental signs in the zodiac, you value the idea of true love even as you doubt its existence. That's why Prince Phillip is the guy for you, because he's willing to do whatever it takes to help you believe it for yourself!

    Since you're so emotionally intelligent (even as you're notorious for being moody), you appreciate that Phillip is willing to take risks for those he loves, because you would behave the same way. You tend to stay inside your own shell, which is why Phillip's ballsy move to go after you would have you opening up more than if he put you in the place of aggressor. The true fairytale prince, Phillip will sweep a Cancer girl off her feet and protect her to the ends of the earth.

    8 Leo: Hercules, Hercules

    It may seem contradictory to pair a Leo lady with a demi-god like Hercules, since Leos like you enjoy having all eyes on them, but because he's a member of the royal deities, he'll know how to treat you like a queen better than anybody!

    In addition to all the glitz and glamour Leos are known to appreciate, you also value people who are warm-hearted and generous. Hercules' devotion to Megara and his love of his family are evident throughout the film, and make you see that he's truly a good person, not just a god. Plus, the Greeks are infamous for their lavish parties and feasts, and a Leo like you isn't shy about appreciating the finer things in life! (The fact that you like to be worshipped doesn't hurt!) While you tend to be more dramatic and self-centred, Hercules is the opposite, and will never put himself in the spotlight. Instead, he'll do whatever's necessary to ensure that you feel the love.

    7 Virgo: Prince Charming, Cinderella

    As a sign that enjoys neatness and order, there's something about Prince Charming rushing around the village to return the glass slipper to its rightful owner that just makes you appreciate him more than other Disney Princes. Being that fully invested in someone is something you need in order to feel secure enough to let them into your life, and so Prince Charming of Cinderella is definitely the one for you!

    While Cinderella fell head over heels for a man she barely knew, you're more selective of your dudes, but you can tell that Prince Charming is a good egg. You also appreciate that he's a good judge of character who won't allow societal restrictions to dictate what he does with his life (which is something you struggle with regularly). This prince will allow you to open up without trying to push the envelope, and he'll be able to provide you with the kind of security that you crave.

    6 Libra: Kristoff, Frozen

    Libra women love the outdoors and prefer to keep the peace in any given situation, which is shown through their sign of the scales. Because of both of those things, Kristoff of Frozen is clearly the obvious winner and perfect match for your sign! His sense of adventure and free spirit complements you, and although he preferred to be alone, a more social-minded Libra like you will be able to show him the error of his ways and how you'd work much better as a team.

    With the added bonus of Sven, his reindeer, Kristoff comes with an additional moral compass, which appeals to a diplomatic and judicious sign like you. While you may be indecisive in your day-to-day life, Kristoff will be able to help you with tough decisions, ensuring that you do what is best for you. His selflessness means the world to you, and his lack of conformity definitely gets you all hot and bothered.

    5 Scorpio: The Beast/Prince Adam, Beauty and the Beast

    A mysterious and sexy sign like Scorpio is an obvious match with The Beast from Beauty and the Beast, because he exhibits much of the same traits! Scorpios are one of the rare signs that can work with their own kind, and the fiery match of a Scorpio with The Beast would make shingles fall from the castle roof!

    While both of you are brave and stubborn, you wouldn't let that stand in the way of your love, and would learn how to deal with one another in a way that works for you both. You will both have to work on keeping secrets, since doing so would provoke jealousy within you, but once some of the initial shakiness ifsover, your pairing would be a solid one. Your emotional intelligence and intense feelings mean that your relationship would have a burning passion and powerful love till the end of your days. Plus, Pluto is this sign's planet, and symbolizes transformation, so clearly a Scorpio and The Beast are meant to be!

    4 Sagittarius: Aladdin, Aladdin

    An adventurous, free-spirited, travel-seasoned sign like Sagittarius definitely belongs with Aladdin, because what other prince will show you a whole new world? You've never liked being constrained and limited by walls or society's ideals, and neither does Aladdin. Rather than getting together with a prince who will try and turn you into a homebody and make you chafe at your restrictions, Aladdin will happily go anywhere with you, his magic carpet in tow.

    Your independent nature appreciates what Aladdin has gone through in his life, and how he managed to get to where he is now, despite living on the streets in his youth. He values your ability to speak your mind and go after what you want, because he's never been given anything easily. Together, you two will soar the skies and enjoy new experiences all over the world. Being tied down isn't either of your styles, because the only stability you need is with each other.

    3 Capricorn: John Smith, Pocahontas

    Like Pocahontas, Capricorns take some time opening up to other people, because they're not very good with emotions and feel more comfortable with the practical and analytical sides of things. A Capricorn girl like you is also ambitious, however, and so you appreciate John Smith's exploratory nature and his reputation for being a legendary adventurer from the moment we're introduced to him.

    Since you're not terribly good with your words, you put a lot more weight in actions, and John Smith was willing to take the blame for his BFF, Thomas, who killed the warrior Kocoum. That selflessness resonates with you, and has you looking past the fact that he's part of a group of colonists who came to plunder the land (even though he didn't quite know that at the time). A strong, stalwart figure like John Smith is someone you can hitch your wagon to, because he'll never try to hold you back from achieving your goals.

    2 Aquarius: Prince Naveen, The Princess and the Frog

    You're an independent girl who loves to have fun with friends and is a major intellectual who is able to see both sides of a situation, which is why an Aquarius like you will do best with Prince Naveen - after his transformation into a frog. Before being turned into a frog prince, Naveen was a lazy, spoiled freeloader, and you wouldn't have been so interested in his antics. Afterwards, though, he sees the error of his ways and his personality gives way to a kinder heart and humanitarian attitude, which are things you value highly.

    You're a loyal lady but you love having your own life, and Prince Naveen would be able to accommodate your needs - and then some. Both of you are free spirits with a touch of eccentricity, making you the kind of couple who would throw silly parties for all their friends before taking off on a fun adventure. He would let you let loose while you would be able to remind him of some of his responsibilities, making you a perfectly balanced match!

    1 Pisces: Prince Eric, The Little Mermaid

    The Pisces woman is gentle, compassionate, and musical. Honestly, if Ariel were any zodiac, she'd be the sign of the fish, so it's fitting that Prince Eric is the one for you! You're a true romantic who values a soulful connection with your partner, and Prince Eric would be more than willing to give you that. Your sensitive nature means that he would need to take care of you, but the two of you would have a deep understanding of one another.

    Even though Ariel couldn't speak, Eric was there for her, and patient to understand what she was trying to communicate. The qualities of a good listener are apparent in him, and something a Pisces lady like yourself prizes highly, because you see it as symbolic of respect and genuineness. You're in it for the long haul, and so is Prince Eric. He would have your back no matter what, and that deep appreciation is the quickest way to your sentimental heart.