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    Which Grey's Anatomy Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac

    Whether you're super into astrology or not, you have to admit that your zodiac sign can tell you a lot about yourself, what you love and hate, and who you are. You may not agree with absolutely everything that you are told -- if you're a Virgo, you might not be as much of a neat freak as your sign would say that you are, for example -- but it's still pretty useful and helpful information to have. You want to know everything that you can about yourself and your zodiac sign, so how about learning about how you relate to the people on your favorite hospital dramas? You definitely are still in love with Grey's Anatomy and can't stop caring about the lovely characters, even if some of your friends and relatives have moved on and long since stopped tuning in. You just don't feel like you can let that happen. You're still all in and that's not going to change. So what Grey's Anatomy character are you based on your zodiac sign? It's time to find out the truth.

    12 Aquarius: Meredith Grey

    Meredith is a total Aquarius. If you're an Aquarius, you're an air sign, which means that you're an intellectual who really enjoys doing research and studying and learning as much as you can. You get bored quickly and it's not a good scene when you're bored because you're not super pleasant to be around. The worst thing about you? You don't like feeling a whole lot of feelings. You can also be pretty stubborn, you can seem cold to some people, and you need to hang out by yourself quite a bit. That's basically Meredith Grey, don't you agree? She's all of those things. She definitely needs a lot of alone time but she also is also very loyal to her friends and cares about them, like when she tried her best to help Alex through his legal issues and make sure that he was okay. If Meredith is your fave, then you're definitely happy about this.

    11 Pisces: April Kepner

    April is definitely a Pisces. She has all of the token traits. At her worst, she can act super confident (in a bad way) and like she knows more than other people, and that can be super frustrating to watch. At her best, she's a sweetheart who cares deeply about others and enjoys being around people. She's not a fan of getting any kind of criticism, even if it's so-called constructive criticism, and she doesn't like when people are mean or rude. If you're a Pisces, then April is definitely your Grey's Anatomy character because you probably share the same qualities. Just think about a recent April-centric storyline. When she was given Meredith's job (even if it was only temporarily), she kind of let it go to her head and didn't want to hear from other people that she shouldn't have agreed to take over the position.

    10 Aries: Amelia Shepherd

    If you're an Aries, then you're definitely Amelia. Being an Aries means that you're brave and confident. You like being the best and often do something before you even think carefully about, but that doesn't really bother you. At your best, you work hard and get what you want as a result. At your worst, you're prone to bad moods, you get frustrated with how long things are taking because you're definitely not a patient person, and you can get angry quickly. Sounds just like Amelia, don't you think? She's not the easiest person to be around, let alone be friends with, and you definitely feel for Owen. Most recently, she ran away from him and their marriage and basically hid. She made a quick decision to do that and she didn't think about the consequences or how much it would hurt him. She knew what she wanted to do and she just did it. She can definitely be in bad moods, even when you think that she has everything and that she should put a smile on her face.

    9 Taurus: Miranda Bailey

    Miranda is definitely a Taurus so she's your Grey's character. She's a super logical and grounded type of person. People can really count on her, which makes sense since she's been running the hospital for as long as the show has been on the air, whether she's been the chief of general surgery or the chief of staff, her current role. Everyone looks up to her and wants her advice and opinion, and people really want to make her proud. Miranda is not one to give up on what she wants, and while that may sound like a good thing, sometimes it can create more problems than not. She refuses to back down even when she's totally wrong, and she can also get super involved in something that isn't really her business at all. But that's Miranda. You know her (well, you watch her on television, which is totally the same thing) and you love her. You definitely don't mind being a Miranda. In fact, you love it.

    8 Gemini: Jackson Avery

    Jackson is totally a Gemini. He's a super nice guy who can deal with any and all situations. He's generally in a good mood, he likes to talk to everyone, and he enjoys learning as much as he can. At his worst, he can be prone to nerves and sometimes he seems like he's acting much differently than the way that he normally acts. You can totally see Jackson being a Gemini since he's one of the nicest people at the hospital. He's great to work with and no one ever minds being paired with him. You have to admit that when it comes to his relationship with April, which is way more confusing and complicated than you think that it should be, he seems to change his mind all the time. You're never sure whether or not he's still in love with her or what he wants. If you're a Gemini, then you're totally a Jackson, which you won't be upset about since you love him.

    7 Cancer: Owen Hunt

    Owen is definitely a Cancer which means that he's your Grey's Anatomy character if you are, too. On the one hand, Owen is a really compassionate person who is loyal to the people that he cares about. He's a hard worker and has a whole lot of feelings. On the other hand, he's a tricky person to get close to since he can be in really bad moods, he can feel bad about himself, and he tends to look on the dark side of things. Owen is definitely a very sensitive person, which is one of the biggest traits of Cancers. He can relate to people who are going through difficult situations, which is why he's such a good match for Amelia, who of course has suffered more than once in her life. When things are going well, Cancers are said to be pleased about that, but when things aren't going well, they can be moody and that can make it hard to be in a relationship with them.

    6 Leo: Cristina Yang

    Leos are considered to be lions because they are "king of the jungle." That's totally Cristina, right? She's your character if this is your zodiac sign. The thing about Cristina is that she works super hard and is more ambitious than pretty much everyone. She keeps her eye on the prize and won't rest until she gets what she wants. That means that, yes, she can refuse to compromise or even listen to other opinions or feelings. She can also be a bit too cocky (okay, she can be way too cocky) but the truth is that she won't even care about that. She won't listen to criticism and she will keep doing what she wants anyway. At her best, though, she's excited about her job and wants to do the best that she possibly can. It's not the worst thing in the world to be compared to Cristina since let's face it, she's super successful.

    5 Virgo: Maggie Pierce

    If you're a Virgo, then you're a Maggie. She's exactly this zodiac sign. She's an extremely hard worker who thinks about things in a logical manner. She would never make a rash decision or even act without thinking about it first (and yes, that means that she's prone to overthinking). She can work too much without thinking about her personal life or even paying attention to it, and she can definitely be insecure sometimes. People say that Virgos have a tough time being vulnerable when it comes to falling in love, and you can see that with Maggie. She's worked so hard for her entire life and has definitely prioritized her work life over finding love, which is why it's such a big deal when she has a crush on Nathan Riggs. Of course, being Maggie is amazing since she's so sweet and so ambitious, and she has done so well.

    4 Libra: Arizona Robbins

    Talk about a perfect match. Arizona is totally a Libra. When you're a Libra, you're said to be a friendly person who always wants life to be fair. You can compromise and be fair to other people, and you can definitely work with others. At your worst, you can feel sorry for yourself, you can be really mad at someone else (and not get over it for a long time), and you definitely don't like fighting or having difficult conversations. Sometimes, you're not able to make quick decisions, and can really hem and haw over something for a long time. It's awesome to be a Libra and to be Arizona, though, because she is awesome at sharing, she's a sweetheart, and she wants everyone to be happy and getting along. That's not the worst thing or person to be compared to. Arizona is the best and you can't believe that Callie let her go.

    3 Scorpio: Alex Karev

    Alex is a total Scorpio. He is a loyal friend and he's also definitely a hopeless romantic (even though he probably wouldn't agree with that). He likes to get what he wants and goes after his career and personal goals. You definitely know that's true since he has had a whole bunch of serious relationships and was in love with Izzie Stevens and then Jo Wilson. Unfortunately, he can also be a green-eyed monster who keeps secrets, and he can even be violent. That makes sense since when Alex thought that Jo was hooking up with Andrew DeLuca, Alex got violent. Being a Scorpio also means that you can lead other people, so that's a positive trait to have. You might not love that Alex can get violent, but you have to admit that the rest of the time, he's a really good guy, and he's a lot more decent these days than he used to be.

    2 Sagittarius: Jo Wilson

    Since being a Sagittarius means that you love being free and don't have a ton of patience, that means that your Grey's Anatomy character is definitely Jo. She enjoys knowing that she can pack up and leave anytime that she wants since she's been hiding the secret that she's actually married and is currently hiding from her abusive husband. She's not a fan of feeling like other people are clinging to her or that she can't walk away from a situation. For a while, it seems like she is so happy dating Alex bucks they're all about having fun and keeping things chill and casual. It's pretty much like the fact that they were really serious snuck up on them. Suddenly, they found themselves totally and hopelessly in love with each other. Jo is definitely part of this zodiac sign and if you are too, then she's definitely your girl.

    1 Capricorn: Derek Shepherd

    If you're a Capricorn, then your character is the late Derek (SOB) because he totally is this sign, too. Or he was. Oh man. It's really tough to think about him in the past tense. It's probably not something that you've ever going to get used to. Derek was someone who could be in charge of other people and he did so with grace and style. He was always careful and cautious and took his responsibilities seriously, whether at work or in his personal life. He could be too cocky and even kind of insulting to other people, but since he really was a brilliant surgeon, you didn't even really care. He was a family man for sure who was pretty traditional, and that's why it was so important to him to create a happy home with Meredith and their adorable kids. Yup, you're definitely crying now. Sorry about that.