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    Which Lady Gaga Outfit Are You (Based On Your Zodiac Sign)

    Lady Gaga's outfit changes are legion. Like some kind of Ur-woman, she has been known to sport up to six different looks in a single day. And we're not talking jeans and a tee here. We have come to know and love her peacock-like fashion polyamory, her flirtatious trying-on of an endless array of outfits, her rebellion against the "one outfit a day" degree. Yep, this girl likes playing dress up. Making important political statements, as well as making it OK just to be weird, Gaga's fashion choices are almost always attention-grabbing for one reason or another. And whilst they're hilarious at times, Gaga is also rightly a cultural icon. Maybe what's most important about Gaga is her resistance to being pigeon-holed. In a culture that loves to do just that: neatly box us in and keep us there, Gaga makes it OK to have more than one side to our personalities. It's OK to be the good girl AND the bad girl at different times. Surreal as Gaga's fashion can be, its complexity and changeability are far more realistic representations of what it's like to be human (and perhaps especially a woman), than the cardboard cutouts we try to make people fit into, more often than is probably good for us. Gaga might be "just" a pop icon, but she has made a super important statement. Gaga shows us that everyone's differences can not just be tolerated by society, but also embraced and celebrated. It's not necessary to understand Gaga's outfits to appreciate them either. Transforming like a shamanic shape-shifter into endless weird, wild, and wonderful forms, the identity of this Mother Monster is somewhat veiled. Which is important, because Gaga's styles are diverse enough to reflect all of us. Unafraid to rock an all-embracing, intergalactic aesthetic, this star has represented pretty much every star sign in the solar system. At one time or another, she has worn an outfit that celebrates the kind of woman that you truly are. And while we're all about peacocking rather than pigeonholing, this astrological horoscope will you discover (at last) which of Gaga's outfits matches your star sign better that a Hillary Clinton pantsuit. So let's take a swing around the orbit of this superstar in our metaphorical spaceship, and discover which one of Gaga's myriad outfits suits YOUR personality perfectly.

    12 Capricorn

    Practical and independent, the Capricorn is rocking this totally otherworldly look. You want style that's still going to let you roll up your sleeves and get down to business, so as well as your fierce Capricorn horns, this outfit features futuristic shoulder pads to let the businesswoman in you shine. You're all about power dressing, and you're showing your leadership in the realm of fashion as well as your position at the head of the zodiac with this modern twist on traditional bone underwear. You appreciate craftsmanship, so this outfit is robust as well as fashion-forward. You know how to be progressive, and aren't afraid to lead the pack, who follow along in your wake like sheep, as you ram down barriers to your success and ramp up the volume in this outfit. Gaga's ram outfit typified her iconic ability to bust through barriers and her rambunctious approach to haters. You embody these traits too, so your look is all about taking your position at the top and standing squarely in the limelight. The structured shapes are perfect for you because you have a strong backbone and take a strong, grounded approach to life. Meanwhile, Gaga's helmet-like ram mask is representative of your own hard-nosed approach in business matters and your stubbornness when it comes to getting shiz done, as well as the bone you'll have to pick with anyone who stands in your way. You go Capricorn!

    11 Aquarius

    You're so futuristic Aquarius, you could only be the glistering and ethereal McQueen outfit Gaga wore in the "Bad Romance" video. Like the outfit, in your world, the sky is the limit, and the universe is your oyster. The limits of your imagination are seemingly endless, just like Gaga's hairstyle here, and you'd only look right in high heels that come from the future, like you. Way up high in your teeter-tottering, high-heeled castle in the air, you need some you time, and you're pretty quiet, so you let your fashion speak for itself. But you're a deep thinker, and your lofty ideals and humanitarian outlook would be impossible without the perspective that you get from being up on high all the time. But your look couldn't be more resplendent or creative either - like you, it's all about having friends. You're truly original, like the amazing Mr. McQueen and Lady Gaga themselves, and because you're happy with who you are, you're also the number one zodiac champion for people who are different and a bit "out there". Like Gaga, you look out for people on the perimeter, whatever their economic background, and especially if they belong to minorities or LGBT groups. You welcome diversity and people in all their forms, you just hate being bored. But you'll never be bored in this gleaming, off the chain space suit and ridonculously elevated footwear. Truly visionary, McQueen's magical suit the solution to all problems, just like you.

    10 Pisces

    This may seem like one of the loopiest outfits in the bunch but bear with. Just like Gaga's many-tentacled sea creature outfit, you are totally tuned in to the currents that are flowing around you. As though you had a lot of tentacles all bringing you information, you're hyper aware of your surroundings and deeply intuitive, which is why you're best represented by this deep sea creature. But despite being so clued in all the time, you never impose on others. Highly compassionate like Gaga, you empathize strongly with people and your emotions run deep. You even sacrifice yourself for your art, like Gaga does for her little monsters. You're even willing to wear an octopus outfit if it means your fans will feel loved and appreciated. At times, you can be overly trusting and open, letting people in before they've truly earned their place in your life. Like the suckers on your tentacles, you can also be a sucker at times. But that's because like the octopus with all its arms outstretched, you're super friendly and always ready to go in for the hug. Just like the octopus outfit too, you're softness and sensitivity are hurt when you're criticized, maybe for wearing an octopus outfit, but you're brave for putting your sensitive self out there. For all your intuitive knowledge and wisdom, you're a gentle giant who uses their power carefully and you rule through gentleness, not aggression. You're selfless and willing to help others, even though you might not get anything back. Like Gaga, you're a born artist, and your love of music is almost as well developed as your love of love. The flowing, graceful movements of the octopus are akin to your style in life.

    9 Aries

    You fiery thing Aries! You're buzzing around so fast you need your fashion to go. Which is why your look involves wearable items that let you keep your cool even when you're in a frenzy of creative energy as you run around, getting papped by the paparazzi. You sometimes find it hard to keep your cool, especially when you encounter delays or downtime, which is why you style it out in Kanye-like, super cool shades. Like Gaga too, you're hella driven and forever on the go. Whether you're delivering albums and fashion covers, writing songs and signing autographs, you're determined to get your next project off the ground. Though sometimes you dive into risky business head first with tons of energy, and sometimes have trouble finishing projects, that doesn't mean you aren't incredibly determined and brave. Launching yourself into everything you do with the courage and gutsiness of your spirit animal, the ram, you're the ultimate get-things-done sign. And your outfit reflects this too: to the point, like your pointy horns, you can see red when things don't go your way, which is why you need your shades when you're having a sulk. But what's great about you is that you're never down for long: like the excessive headwear and pointy shoulder pads you're sporting in your Gaga look, you're always on the up and up. Although things can get turbulent in your furor of activity, you're also first out of the gate, even when it comes to fashion. But because of all your pent-up energy, you like comfortable clothes that allow you to race around at warp speed. So this horned helmet and one-piece dress will let you get out the door in minutes, and transition from day to night with a slick of fiery red lipstick, to match your confident Aries spirit.

    8 Taurus

    You love high-quality clothes with natural fabrics, so this leather ensemble is as durable and practical as you are. Even if it could be more vegan-friendly, leather does represent for your bull spirit animal. You may have some serious headwear going on, but you've also got your feet planted firmly on the ground, and you're as balanced as your two feathered horns here. Just like this look, you're immensely powerful. You're very sensual and tactile, so you'll enjoy the fact these horns are covered with downy feathers! Because of the fact that your headwear takes some marshaling, you're not into sudden changes of direction, in life, or while you're trying to fit through doors in this outfit. Your intractable manner makes you determined about achieving your goals, just like our girl Gaga, and like her too you're responsible and can be relied upon to pull your weight. Although the height of these horns may clash with your practical, sensible nature, they do represent your ability to go to great lengths to see things through. This trait makes you a both loyal and devoted friend, and an exceptional business partner, who'll rake in the big bucks, like Lady G. The rest of your look is pretty conservative (for Gaga), in a nod to your more traditional, earthy style. But that's not to say that you aren't creative and an excellent entertainer. You can be overprotective at times, but you're also the voice of reason. As the Kipling poem goes, you're the embodiment of dependability: though all about you may be losing their heads, you won't, cuz you're one down to earth dame.

    7 Gemini

    Hey girl, you'd definitely be wearing the mirror mask from the "Poker Face" video. Why? because like the glittery mirrors, you're always sparkling with ideas and insights. Because you hate being alone and you're so mutable and flighty it can seem like you're two different people, the mirror outfit is your perfect Gaga wardrobe match. Plus, because it's never certain which side of you will be revealed, "Poker Face" is a pretty on-point anthem for your personality. Just like the flashing mirror ball at the party, you shine your light everywhere. Inquisitive and sociable, you are also able to learn things in a flash and you're quick minded and witty too. Like the mirror, you reveal and express yourself easily, but you can also be reflective and serious along with your sparkle. Due to your own divided nature, you can be restless, indecisive and even nervous at times. Meanwhile, your sparkly spirit makes you abhor repetition and routine. Like Gaga, you're versatile, ever-changing, and curious, so it's hard to pick just one outfit for you. Your deeply curious nature can bounce back on you though when you feel like there's not enough time to see and do everything that attracts your attention and you get yourself into a dizzy tailspin. You have a deep need for self-expression like Gaga too, and you're super social and fun loving. Like a mirror ball then, you're the life and soul of the party, ever stimulating and brilliant. Mum mum mum mah.

    6 Cancer

    Just like Gaga's exotic and mysterious eyewear here, the Cancerian is deep and somewhat ethereal like a deep sea crustacean. You can seem a little alien and hard to understand to other signs, but you yourself are immensely intuitive and sensitive. Your ruling planet is the mysterious and feminine moon, and your see-through dress lets you moon the world too, especially those who misunderstand you. Like Gaga, you care deeply about the people around you, and you are incredibly sympathetic to their needs, desires, and suffering. A hugely caring sign, you can also be a mystery even unto yourself. In the same way that this fascinator-come-eyewear-come-hat is a mystery to most of us, your many emotions are as changeable as the moon and so fleeting they can feel uncontrollable. But despite your emotional vacillation, you're incredibly determined and loyal. You'll stick with your friends and family through thick and thin. Just like Gaga, who is true to her Italian roots in prioritizing taking care of her family, tranquility in your home life is one of your chiefest concerns. You're also like Gaga in your strong artistic ability and incredible imagination, which lets you dream up all these amazing outfits. Plus, you're devoted to representing for the feminine ideal: the ultimate Mama Monster in a sense. As is typical of celebs, Gaga prefers to protect her private life from the limelight, and so do you, which is why you'd suit hiding behind your Cancerian headwear.

    5 Leo

    Leo, you're so at home in the center of attention that you're a born fashion icon and devotee of the Fame Monster. Like your sunny disposition, you bask in the radiance of your adoring fans and enjoy partying with them in equal measure. Queen of the jungle, you're looking fierce in this feline look, with exaggerated eye flicks, even if your catsuit has leopard print markings while you're a lioness. Like Gaga, you're a born performer, with lashings of self-confidence and creativity, qualities that make you hard to resist. You achieve whatever you want, just like Lady Gaga herself. Like the lioness ruling the savannah, you're a natural leader, and that's also the case when it comes to fashion because you love to be admired. In these heels, you can lord it over your devotees and swathes of followers, to whom you're also fiercely loyal. But like Gaga in this candid shot, you're not afraid to get involved and show your fierce side when it's required. In fact, your passionate and creative nature makes you ready to dive in at the first opportunity. You'd probably have preferred a little bit more bling in your outfit, and some electric colors too, because of your bright and attractive nature. But at least you've got a fiery red lip to go with your warm heart and carry you through into the nighttime parties with friends that you love. Like a loafing lioness, you can be a bit lazy and on the arrogant side, and your regal ways can make you a bit "me, me, me", but you're so hilarious and warm that we still worship you Leo.

    4 Virgo

    We know you haven't necessarily taken a vow of celibacy Virgo but your symbol is the Virgin, which is why this saucy latex nun outfit from "Alejandro" is the Gaga costume for you. Like the virgin, there's a purity about you. You're sweet, kind, and hardworking, with a penchant for nature. Like the virgin too, you're very tender, and it's as though it's always the first time with you. This both gives you an incredible appreciation of life and can burden you with self-criticism and too much focus on the details. Sometimes this means you can't see the wood for the trees, which is why this hood suits you. You can also be shy and prefer not to be the center of attention, so you can also hide behind your hood if it all gets too much. Often misunderstood because of the symbolism associated with your sign, you are one of the hardest workers in the zodiac, combine practical with analytical skill, and are also incredibly loyal. Latex is the ideal fabric for you because it's super neat and clean, and as a Virgo, you get a kick out of ironing out a mess and cutting through the cr** as they say. Not that you would, politeness is everything to the Virgo. In a somewhat nunlike way, you're pretty conservative and can even get puritanical. However, you have a deep sense of humanity, are very altruistic, and both highly aware of and devoted to your deepest goals, which you pursue methodically and passionately until you achieve them. You combine communication skills with caregiving, so stop being so self-critical Virgo, and embrace your latex nun styles.

    3 Libra

    Girl, you NEED the headdress from the "Telephone" video, because you're super social and you hate being alone. Add to that the fact that you're a talented communicator and your love of good conversation, and you better believe that the telephone hat is your spiritual headdress of choice. Because you're all about headgear in general: an air sign, you have a keen mind and a sharp intellect. Just like Gaga's problem with getting some "me" time in between all the parties that she talks about in the song, achieving balance and harmony is kinda your thing. You're liberal and fair-minded to a fault. In fact, you can be indecisive because of this, pulled in one direction and then another like Gaga trying to talk on the phone while the fight is breaking out: you're torn. Maybe that's why partnership is so important to you, and you're forever seeking the Clyde to your Bonnie, the Bey to your Gaga. You cannot tolerate injustice, and while you prefer to avoid conflict and confrontation, you're a skilled peacekeeper. Your telephone-shaped headwear is also fitting for you because you're a born collaborator and you connect with people easily. One of the keys to your success in cooperative efforts is your fairness. Always tactful and gracious as well as gregarious, your diplomacy and social skills more than makeup for your tendency to hold onto things like grudges and self-pity too long. Call us!

    2 Scorpio

    Wow Scorpio, we had to give you the most sensual outfit of all, because everyone knows you're the most passionate and intense sign in the bunch. Which is why you'd wear… nothing! In Nick Knight's legendary "Born this Way" shoot, the star wore nothing but liquid paint. This is apt for you because you're a water sign, which means you have secret depths and deep wells of resourcefulness. Like your power animal the scorpion, you're passionate and incredibly assertive. You'd be unafraid to pose nude because you're immensely brave and have zero problems setting boundaries for yourself and others. You'd wear Gaga's weapon-like heels here well, because like the scorpion, you've got a sting in your tail for dishonesty and indecisive or passive people. You might fly like a butterfly in all your colors, but you also sting like a bee. Decisive and deeply motivated by truth and facts, being right is really important to you. Coupled with your resourcefulness, this makes you a great leader. While like Gaga (and most famous people), you're protective of your secrets, you do enjoy teasing, so playing in paint and looking seductive would be no problem for you. Because of your passionate nature, you're a true friend, but you can also be jealous and distrustful of others. That's just because you've got a bee in your bonnet about the truth, though, which is why we admire you so much, you sultry Scorpio.

    1 Sagittarius

    One of the most off the wall outfits for one of the most unconstrained signs in the whole of the zodiac. Just like your mythical symbol the centaur, you canter through barriers and past details in your quest for complete freedom. Your open mind is one of your greatest strengths, which is why this imaginative look suits your personality so well. Just like Gaga, you're something of a "Gypsy". Like Gaga, you "love a gypsy life", and you're never more at home than when you're off traveling around the world in search of the meaning of things. Like Gaga's persona in performance, you too are extrovert, optimistic, and enthusiastic. You love change, so it's difficult to pin you down to just one look. You have a robust, racehorse-like ability to rapidly transform your thoughts into reality. Like Gaga, you'll do anything to achieve your goals, including dressing up as a centaur. Since you're ruled by the largest planet in the solar system (Jupiter), your enthusiasm is boundless. You're also an idealist with the highest of hopes, and you generously pour your cornucopia of plenty on others around you. You hate nothing more than to be constrained, and your strongly extrovert nature means that you rarely let yourself be. We love your optimistic style, the way your sense of humor comes out in the way you dress, and your indefatigable curiosity and zeal for life. Though you can be a little over honest at times, riding roughshod over the feelings of others, but you more than compensate for that by being so driven to explore different cultures and philosophies. So express yourself like the splendid, outrageous Sagittarius you are!