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    Which Competition Show Should You Be On Based On Your Zodiac

    We all love to watch reality TV shows every once in a while. Sure, we know that they're probably fake and scripted, and the people who appear on them don't actually have much talent… but who cares? Sometimes, you just want to sit back, relax, and be entertained for a couple hours! Some of the best reality TV shows are competition shows. It seems like every genre of TV has a few competition shows, from cooking to fashion to physical challenges. Why do we love competition shows so much? Well, it's so much fun to imagine yourself going on one of these shows and absolutely dominating over your competitors. If you've ever wanted to go on a competition show, you might have wondered which show you would really succeed on. The answer might actually lie in your zodiac sign! Read on to find out which show you should be on based on your zodiac.

    12 Aries: Survivor

    Aries, you love a good adventure, and you're always up for a serious challenge. You know that if you ever went on a TV show, you would want to push your limits and try something that really took you out of your comfort zone. That's why the classic competition show Survivor would be the perfect fit for you. Survivor has been on for years, so you're probably already familiar with the concept, but just in case it's been a while since you've caught an episode, here's a quick recap. On Survivor, a group of strangers are basically marooned on a deserted island or some other isolated location. And what do they have to do? Survive! They need to find food and drinking water, start fires, and create shelters for themselves. The contestants are progressively eliminated by their fellow competitors, until only one remains, earning the “Sole Survivor” title and a million dollars.

    11 Taurus: The Bachelor

    Taurus, people may not see you as the lovey-dovey romantic type, but you know yourself you definitely have a soft spot for all things cheesy and romantic. You consider yourself pretty down to earth (after all, you are an earth sign), but once you set your sights on something that you want, you're going for it with everything you have. And yes, this absolutely applies to romance, too! So when you meet a guy (or girl!) that you're into, and you feel that chemistry spark, you're not going to hold back. Naturally, The Bachelor is a bit of a guilty pleasure for you, and you often fantasize about how you would do if you ended up on the show. You're sure that you would be showered with roses week after week, and there's no doubt in your mind that you would win that man's heart, regardless of the girls you were up against.

    10 Gemini: Jeopardy

    Gemini is a sign of varied interests. While some signs might be more into art while others are more interested in science, Gemini wants to know it all. So yes, some people do see you as a “know-it-all.” But you couldn't care any less! Gemini, you see life as a chance to pursue endless knowledge, and you want to learn everything you can about this world while you're here. Unfortunately, you don't always get a chance to display all of that random knowledge you've acquired. That's why Geminis belong on Jeopardy, one of the longest running and most popular game shows of all time! Sure, it may not have all the drama of other competition shows, but Jeopardy is just a classic. You've probably seen it enough times to know the format, and if you're a typical Gemini trivia whiz, you most likely spend the whole time shouting the correct answers.

    9 Cancer: Cupcake Wars

    Cancer, you may not even have any desire to go on a competition show. You're really not the competitive type. You would much rather prefer helping other people than competing against them, you're super sweet in that way! But let's say you did have to go on a competition show we're pretty sure that you would prefer one that incorporates an activity you already probably enjoy, like baking! The typical Cancer loves baking because it's an easy way to spread the love and show people that you care with a tasty homemade treat. Cancers would thrive on a show like Cupcake Wars! Whether you win or you lose, you would get to spend a few hours getting creative in the kitchen and cooking up some of your favorite recipes, with a few challenges thrown into the mix to spice things up! Plus, someone has to eat all those cupcakes at the end of the show…

    8 Leo: Project Runway

    Leo, you are well-known for your bright and bold style. You never leave the house without putting together the perfect outfit, and you love adding awesome new pieces to your wardrobe. You would be lost without your amazing jewelry collection, and you are always hunting the aisles of Sephora for the best new lipsticks to give every look that extra pop. So what better show for a Leo to shine than Project Runway? Leos usually have a creative side, and they like to express that creativity through fashion. They're used to being in the spotlight, in fact, it's where they feel the most comfortable! And most importantly, Leo, you have the kind of confidence that you just can't fake, which is essential on a cutthroat show like Project Runway. No matter what the challenge is, you would be sure to step up and really “make it work” every single time!

    7 Virgo: America's Got Talent

    Virgos, you all have talent! Amongst the whole zodiac, Virgos stand out for their intense focus on the things that really matter to them. You have probably spent years cultivating one particular skill or talent that you really believe in, and one day, you would love the opportunity to show the world just what you can do. Why not try out for some sort of talent based competition show? You're not into reality shows that only exist as vehicles for drama (no Kardashians for you!), but you do enjoy seeing people working hard and reaching for their dreams, no matter how big the obstacles are. You've been know to spend a few nights just vegging out on the couch watching America's Got Talent on similar TV shows. As a Virgo, you would probably do pretty well on a show like this. You're able to focus on yourself without getting too nervous.

    6 Libra: Chopped

    Libras pride themselves on having good taste in every area of their lives. Of course, this quite literally applies to the food they cook and eat as well. A Libra always has a well stocked kitchen. Their spice rack is overflowing with yummy flavors to add a little kick to any meal. Their fridge is stuffed with fruits, veggies, and other unique ingredients that will leave you asking for every recipe. What better show for a Libra than the cooking competition show Chopped? On Chopped, contestants are given a few ingredients that they must incorporate into a dish, no matter how weird they might taste together! They are given 30 minutes to cook, plate, and present their dish. Any Libra would crush it on Chopped. They always have a few good recipes up their sleeve, they love a challenge in the kitchen, and when it comes to presentation, they've got it down.

    5 Scorpio: Big Brother

    Scorpio, you loved old MTV reality shows they were your guilty pleasure! Well, except for the fact that you never REALLY felt guilty about loving them so much. As a Scorpio you are strong, intense, and passionate and this would make you an amazing player on the competition show (and everyone's guilty pleasure) Big Brother. Stuck in a house with complete strangers on camera? You would absolutely love to experience all the drama that can result from this crazy set up! You would also crush it at this game because you love a little competition and coming out on top! Can someone say HOH?! You would put up a good fight if you were a part of this competition and don't be surprised if you win the whole thing.

    4 Sagittarius: The Amazing Race

    Sagittarius, you're not really the competitive type, so you can relate to Cancer in that sense. But if you could find a competition show that would let you express your wild side and explore the world, well, you would happily go on and compete! If you've never seen The Amazing Race, you might be surprised by how much you like it. The Amazing Race is a competition to see which team can race around the world the fastest! Every Sagittarius has a serious case of wanderlust, so this challenge would be a dream come true for this sign. Plus, you get to race alongside a partner, so you're never in it alone. Each team has to follow clues from the producers, win challenges, interact with the locals even if they can't speak the same language, and travel on the show's tight budget! Whoever makes it to the final leg wins!

    3 Capricorn: American Ninja Warrior

    You might not picture Capricorn as the American Ninja Warrior type. But have you ever seen a Capricorn when they're faced with a real challenge? Make sure to back away, because they will blow your mind every time. Out of all the signs in the zodiac, Capricorn has the craziest work ethic. They're the “get up before sunrise, go to bed at 2 a.m., work two jobs, and somehow find the time to work out in between” type of superhuman. It's pretty incredible what a Capricorn can do when they set their mind to it! Many people think that the Capricorn work ethic only applies to their jobs and imagine them sitting in an office all day, but that's not true at all! Capricorn could thrive on a show like American Ninja Warrior with the proper training-they love to stay fit and push themselves to their physical limits for a challenge.

    2 Aquarius: RuPaul's Drag Race

    Okay, Aquarius girls, we know that RuPaul's Drag Race is meant for guys who dress up as drag queens, but women who dress up as drag “kings” exist, too! Either way, let's imagine a future where both men and women can dress up in drag on RuPaul's show and express themselves any way they like. Aquarius is that sign that marches to the beat of their own drum. They really do not care much about what other people think. In fact, they rather enjoy it when people seem a little taken aback by their choices. They have no problem with throwing aside the status quo and just doing their own thing, regardless of what anyone else has to say about it. And that's what RuPaul's Drag Race is all about-being yourself in a society that says there is only one way to be! Well, who cares what society has to say?

    1 Pisces: The Voice

    Pisces, you aren't a huge fan of competing. In fact, you're so used to collaborating with people on different creative endeavors that actually competing against people in the same field as you feels a little bit strange! However, you do work very hard on your creative talents, and sometimes, you long for the opportunity to show it off. Just admit it you probably spent plenty of time watching American Idol when you were young because you loved seeing how creative some of the performers could get with their songs. Pisceans are known for having beautiful singing voices, and a show like The Voice would be a perfect fit for a Pisces. Plus, you would even get to have a little collaboration after all, every contestant on The Voice gets a specific coach who helps them out with their performances! You'll notice that many people born under Pisces do well on these shows.